Classes in October

Here's what's new at Studio Rosalva. I will be teaching a series of classes this month at Alchemy Gallery in Festus, MO. If you are in the Saint Louis Area, its just a short commute. October 6, 7-9p., Pagan Poetry Night: Join me as I talk a little bit about poetry, verse, and magick. This … Continue reading Classes in October


Mazakiel, Colored pencil illustration, 2020 Mazakiel is an illustration featuring an angel hovering over the desert. The illustration was retouched using Adobe Photoshop. It was first published in Club Plum Literary Journal in 2017. Prints are available at RosalvaStudioArt.

Portrait of Aleister Crowley

Portrait of Aleister Crowley, Acrylic on Canvas, 2021 Aleister Crowley(1875-1947) was a poet, playwright, mountaineer, chess player, and magician who traveled extensively and kept meticulous notes on his studies of different cultures and religious practices. This painting features Aleister Crowley contemplating the astral light. Prints are available at RosalvaStudioArt.