About K.E. Anderson

I am a writer and artist, and a student of the occult mysteries; a student of spirituality. I write for therapy and I write to explore and share these mysteries with others. I find that the best way to understand something is through study, research, and meditation. I have taught classes, led discussions and held … Continue reading About K.E. Anderson

The Ecstatic Pisces

With the arrival of sun in Pisces, we dive into the waters to merge and move beyond our boundaries. Pisces is associated with two fishes bound to each other by a joined cord. Greco-Roman myths describe the two main characters as Venus-Cupid or Aphrodite-Eros, a mother-child pairing who are bound together and transform into fish … Continue reading The Ecstatic Pisces

Gemini Astrology

This week I’ll be discussing the Gemini myth, a few of its associations, and ways to explore the current of Gemini astrology in our everyday lives. https://littleastronomy.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/gemini_cover.jpg What is Gemini? Gemini is a constellation symbolized as twins, companions, siblings, and other famous duos. Babylonian myth recalls the story of the great friendship between Gilgamesh and … Continue reading Gemini Astrology


Yesterday I began uploading artwork into the portfolio. There are three portfolios available: illustration, digital art, and painting. As pages become active the images in the portfolio will become links. Please make sure to check back for changes by clicking on the portfolio link at the top of the main page. I also welcome commentary. … Continue reading Updates