About K.E. Anderson

I am a writer and artist, and a student of the occult mysteries; a student of spirituality. I write for therapy and I write to explore and share these mysteries with others. I find that the best way to understand something is through study, research, and meditation. I have taught classes, led discussions and held … Continue reading About K.E. Anderson


"Vision", Digital Art, 2020. “Vision” was reformatted this week. The original production is from 2007. This was created with Adobe Photoshop by manipulating amplitude and frequency of paint in the canvas space. I began experimenting with this kind of digital art in the early 2000s. I am very passionate about art that is abstract and … Continue reading "Vision"

A Matter of Perspective: What Janus Can Teach Us About Moving Forward

Courtesy of Gnostic Warrior. https://gnosticwarrior.com/january-god-janus.html Janus (Ianus) Bifrons is the Etruscan God of gateways and doorways depicted with two faces. One looks to the past the other looks to the future. He shares the root of his name with Januarius, the first month of the year. His etymological roots stem from the Etruscan "Jauna", meaning … Continue reading A Matter of Perspective: What Janus Can Teach Us About Moving Forward

Spirit Communication

http://williamandhenryjames.blogspot.com/2011/09/wm-to-hry-march-22-1869-age-27.html The month of November began with several “spirited” celebrations, notably the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Catholic ‘All Souls’ Day.’ With these in mind, this week, I will be discussing Spirit communication. Spirit communication became immensely popular during the nineteenth-century occult revival. Spiritist philosophy, introduced by Allan Kardec (1804-1869), was based on “relations … Continue reading Spirit Communication


Meditation on the Wind, 1998. Meditation is a practice designed to quiet the mind and enable us to hear the still small voice, the internal voice and light. Meditation has roots in the ancient Eastern religions and was well practiced in the Western world. This essay explores meditation, guided meditation and pathworkings. Eastern forms of … Continue reading Meditation